AMF Mecure

AMF Mecure

AMF are made up from a mixture of materials, from naturally occurring resources to recycled and processed materials. Many mineral fibre ceiling systems boast excellent qualities including acoustic performance and fire resistance.

With a huge selection to choose from, you can benefit from a ceiling system that fully complements the environment, offering a contemporary, attractive appearance that boasts great functionality.

Special Properties
  • Design for sound

  • Designed for lightness

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General Information
Edge Type
*AW = special edge, made to order, lead time 90 days
C  -  Exposed system, demountable ceiling
F  -  Free span system, with exposed or concealed suspension
I  -  Bandraster system, concealed cross sections
A  -  Concealed system, panels demountable AW/GN / not demountable GN
Building material class
A2-s1, d0 as per EN 13501-1
up to 60 minutes as per BS 476: parts 20-23 (according to test certificate)
Sound Absorption
EN ISO 354
Frequency (f in Hz)
125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000
Sound absorption
0.45, 0.40, 0.50, 0.70, 0.70, 0.65
aw = 0.60 as per EN ISO 11654
NRC = 0.60 as per ASTM C 423
Sound attenuation
dn,c,w = 34 dB as per EN 20140-9
(15 mm thickness, according to test certificate)
up to 95% RH
Light reflectance
up to 88%
Thermal conductivity
λ = 0.052 - 0.057 W/mK as per DIN 52612
(Metric) 595x595 mm 595x1195 mm
Thickness / Weight
15 mm (c. 4.5 kg./m2) / 19 mm (c. 5.7 kg./m2) / 40 mm (c. 12 kg./m2)
Weight kg/m2 (15 mm)
23.60 kg / pc, 10.50 kg/ m2
white similar to RAL 9010, other colours available to order

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